Subject of a contract

The main claim of the public offer is to transmit the essence of transaction - for example, buying and selling goods in this online store.

The time of conclusion of the contract

Offer must necessarily explain at what point the transaction is committed. After all, today paper documents, stamped and signed, are not the only form of the contract. Therefore, the offer must refer to the current Russian legislation and to clarify the potential buyer when it becomes a full participant in the transaction.

The transaction may be regarded as perfect, for example, at the time of the final confirmation of the order by the buyer.

Product Features

Regardless of what kind of products are sold in the online store, the offer should clarify those cases where the appearance and characteristics of the product may differ slightly from the information provided on the site.
The price of the product

The offer must contain data about which currency can be used for payment of the purchase, as well as to clarify those cases where the final sum will be different from the total amount of purchased goods due to additional costs for express delivery and other additional services.

Terms of payment

The public offer is to explain in detail and is available to the buyer conditions and methods of payment for the goods. In particular, it should be listed payment terms, acceptable latency (the period during which you want to make a payment), as well as forms of payment, payment confirmation form (for example, bank or cashier's check). Be sure to explain that in the event that the buyer will not make a timely manner and in full the required amount of money, the seller (online store) to unilaterally deny him in the sale of goods.

Terms of delivery

At this point it must be specified conditions, methods and terms of delivery. You must specify, in what ways is delivered goods and that it is necessary that the buyer was able to pick it up. It is necessary to accurately specify the period within which the buyer must come to the point of delivery of the goods (if we are not talking about the courier delivery).

Guarantees for products

It should be clarified which certification and guarantee documents accompany the products sold. If the warranty gives the online store itself, this should be stated. If there is a warranty from the manufacturer and indicated in the accompanying documentation, it should also be specified in the text of the public offer.
Return and exchange of goods

To avoid disputes and any losses for the online store, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the return and exchange conditions. It is necessary to clearly delineate the responsibility of the seller, the buyer and delivery services.

Cases in which the mistake must be considered sent the wrong item or it is found that the characteristics of the goods by the buyer is not specified, or the item is defective, spoiled, non-functional.

In addition to the conditions under which can be returned or exchanged items, be sure to specify the period during which the buyer has the right to contact support online store, to exchange or return an item.

Rights and obligations of the parties

This point of public offer should clarify what is the right of each of the parties and that the parties are responsible. This item is best to be supported by a qualified lawyer.

Note that this item of the offer could be the basis for resolving disputes. Therefore it is necessary to specify the most likely points that can lead to such situations. For example, the buyer responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about themselves. It should be clarified, for which the seller is responsible, and what - no. This will prevent fraudulent claims from buyers.

This item offers an online store is to explain in what way can solve any disputes. It should be clarified that any misunderstanding can be resolved by the buyer or his legal representative in dealing with the online store of court. But if this is not possible, the dispute will be resolved by the courts in accordance with the legislation, which also should be included in the text of the public offer.

Force majeure circumstances

To complete the public offer was from a legal point of view, it is necessary to specify and clarify the circumstances under which the parties are unable to comply with these obligations for reasons that do not depend on them - for example, in the case of natural disasters.


As an application to the text of the public offer may make extracts from the legislation in force, as well as an online store details and other information, links to which are contained in the document.

Usefulness, clarity, clarity and unambiguous text of a public offer is important in the preparation and verification of each item of the document. This will make the job of your online store the most profitable, conflict-free and legitimate.